healthy every day is more than just a…

In Healthy Every Day, Pete Evans shares his favourite recipes for good health and vitality. Inspired by a ‘paleo’ way of eating, these are the meals he cooks for his family every day, featuring loads of fresh veggies, nuts and seeds, sustainable seafood and meat, and free of gluten, sugar and dairy. Drawing on his love of the cuisines of Thailand, Turkey, Vietnam and Morocco, he shows you how to make lighter, healthier versions of your favourite breakfasts, salads, curries and burgers. And while you won’t find any sugar, there are some delicious gluten- and dairy-free…

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raw-c coconut water

Pete Evans Natural RAW C Coconut Water

Pete Evans, chef, health advocate and star of Seven’s hit series, My Kitchen Rules teams up to launch the latest and purest coconut water product on the market, Natural RAW C. “We’re thrilled to have one of the food industry’s most creative, charismatic and healthy stars join the RAW C team,” Natural RAW C co-founder, Scott Mendelsohn said in a statement. Pete’s personality and passion for healthy products are a fantastic fit for Natural RAW C, and we look forward to working together.” he added. The demand for coconut water products is international, with sales…

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